With 1.6 ha in area and convenient location which is near to Tan Son Nhat Airport, Saigon Airport Plaza complex is divided into 4 spaces: Apartment, Office, Hotel, and Shopping, with water-amusement-centered.

24/7 services which are opened for Office, Hotel, Apartments…give many diversified kinds of business.

The project is approved to connect with the airport by shuttle-bus and to help guests do flight-check-in at right the hotel. The target guests are from Tan Son Nhat airport, who are passengers in transit or people whose flights are delayed/ canceled, or pilots, air hostess, air-technicians,  forwarding company’s staffs,…

All towers will be modernly equipped and conveniently connected together as well as provide the best services in order to bring effectiveness in economy.

With expectation of being the first significant plaza at strategic location near Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Saigon Airport Plaza which will be elegantly & modernly designed with diversified services and outstanding convenience are for high-class residents and guests. The plaza will not only meet fully the residents’ needs, but satisfy them with long-term economic benefits. The residents can also enjoy high-end living standard at the plaza without moving to central city.

With the exclusive position nearby Tan Son Nhat Airport, Saigon Airport Plaza will be one of the strategically trading gateways of Vietnam.